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Helping You Reconnect With Your Natural State Of Wellbeing

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Welcome to asm-wellbeing

My name is Anita Stapleton-Mirolo and my intention is to help you create a happier, more relaxed, optimistic life, increase your sense of wellbeing and fulfil even more of your vast potential.

I offer the following:

  • Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Courses

  • Meditation Classes

  • Life Coaching

  • Modern Energy Tapping EFT

  • Stress Management Classes & Workshops

  • Workshops & Classes based on the work of Louise Hay.

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About Anita

At a young age, I was introduced to yoga exercises and general yogic philosophy. As a teenager, I attended meditation classes to help improve my immune system. These classes included a positive philosophy for living. As a result, my health improved significantly, I became more confident and outgoing and more intuitive. I particularly loved the ideas which were expressed to me in those classes, such as our natural state is one of well being and the importance of staying in the present moment.

Drawn to learning more about how the mind works I studied for a Degree in Psychology and Philosophy with Dublin City University. My final thesis was on the relationship between people's positive/negative attitudes and their physical health.

Having a desire to help people in a practical positive way, I then studied for a Diploma in Life Coaching with the Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland. Subsequently, along with seeing people one to one, the opportunity to run coaching classes arose, which led to a huge sense of achievement from seeing students make positive changes in their lives and being a lot happier as a result. It reinforced my previously held beliefs that we can all make positive and real changes in our lives if we are ready and willing to be open to it.

By a strange twist of fate shortly after, (the law of attraction in action I think!) I was introduced to the book "You can Heal your Life" by Louise Hay. It inspired me greatly and provided a lot of the answers to my questions surrounding the link between our mind and our reality, and reminded me of the power of affirmations. In July 2005, I attended an intensive training week in the UK based on Louise Hay's philosophy, which was an incredible experience and I subsequently facilitated workshops and classes based on her teachings.

EFT Energy Tapping is recognised as being beneficial in helping release stress, cure phobias, pain relief and boosting wellbeing. I trained as a Master Practitioner with Accomplish Change in 2017. It is a gentle, effective tool that blends extremely well with mindfulness and meditation in reducing stress, letting go physically and mentally thereby increasing general wellbeing.

Meditation is a practice that is particularly close to my heart and I have been running classes for over 15 years now in various locations in Dublin. Living in the present moment is something I have been teaching for a long time within my meditation classes. In June 2021, I formally qualified as a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology Teacher with the Irish Mindfulness Academy. With 500+ hours of teaching, this Diploma greatly enhanced my knowledge in this area to include scientific research in Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. It also reminded me of the wonderful benefits of deliberately staying present in each moment, such as resilience, the ability to easily let go, good physical health, inner peace and increased happiness in daily life.

Thank you for being here.



"You are here to experience outrageous joy!" Abraham-Hicks